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Francescco Balicco retirement home (Rating: 4,71)
MASSIMILIANO GAMBA / Italy / (2007-2010)
The present retirement home rises in the area located on the eastern side of the Martinengo Municipality territory, on the edge between the built environment and the countryside...
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Socio-rehabilitative cultural complex (Rating: 4,45)
This project was brought forth by the cooperation between diverse proponents, public and private, aiming to accomplish common finalities of promoting urban and landscape qualities of the Adro Municipality and Franciacorta region in general...
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t(H)ree house (Rating: 4,29)
i(r)Raum / Italy / (2006-2007)
The new building will be at the boundary between nature and built, with on the one side the artificial of the city and on the other one the natural of the hills surrounding...
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Casa FoRo/FoRo House (Rating: 6,22)
Alvaro Rojas / Costa Rica / (2003-2005)
The design of this house, by the husband-wife architect team of Sylvia Fournier and Álvaro Rojas, who are the owners, intends to respond to its rural and tropical location, one with very high temperature and humidity and a lengthy rainy season...
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Casa Patio 1 (Rating: 6)
Office One Architecture / Puerto Rico / (2009)
Casa Patio is the proposal for a single family residence located in a suburban development in the western region of the island: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico...
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School floating in the Sky (Rating: 7,37)
Kikuma Watanabe / Thailand / (2012-2013)
This school aims to help alleviate poverty in sangkhlaburi village, thailand...
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